Are you an Amazon Seller looking to

  • Increase Total Sales?
  • Reduce Total ACoS?
  • Partner up with a PPC Professional?
  • Streamline Account Management?

That's precisely what I do.

Hi , I am Saket Roy.

Over the past 5 years I've scaled revenues for multiple d2c brands on amazon. If you're either stuck or lost in the Amazon Jungle, I can help.

See how I do it by scrolling down.

Impact in Numbers


Sellers Served


Campaigns Launched


Total Sales Generated


Avg. Scale Delivered

Scope of Work


involves strategizing, launching and regular optimizing of the amazon ad campaigns to achieve growth at desired efficiency.


involves tasks and monitoring activities to support the ideal functioning of ads.

Reporting &

involves tracking and reporting of KPIs to measure the seller's growth. Weekly calls to gauge strategy and performance.

Flow of Work

#1 : Account Audit to identify performance pain points.

#2 : Optimizing the existing campaigns, if any.

#3 : Keyword and Competitor research.

#4 : Listing hygiene and brand store improvement.

#5 : Finalizing the structure for new ppc campaigns.

#6 : Portfolio creation. New campaigns creation.

#7 : Experimenting to identify new sale opportunities.

#8 : Optimizing basis gathered campaigns data.

#9 : Repeating the steps
from 2-8

Amazon Category Experience




Baby Products


Pet Leashes & Collars


Wallets & Handbags

Pet foods


Kids Toys &


and several other categories

Seller Testimonials

Saket’s ability to understand the category specifics, marketplace trends, customer preference to design a tailormade campaign is exemplary.

He has been instrumental in making our Amazon account work better. He is strategic in his thinking, stays updated on competition and industry metrics, and really takes the time to get to know the client’s product ranges.

Results Gallery

Business Reports Graph for a Grocery Seller
Campaigns Manager Data for a Luggage Seller
Amazon Pi screenshot for an IND Seller

It's time you became a category leader on amazon.


I have a dedicated team to assist me in day to day operations for my sellers.

Commercials can only be disclosed post the account audit. There’s no one size fit all commercial model that I follow.

No I don’t work with sellers just starting out on amazon. For IND market, I only work with sellers doing a min of 10L MRR. For US market, I work with sellers doing a min of $10k MRR. Basically the PMF should already be established for the seller.

I am based in Maharashtra, India.

Nobody can guarantee results in performance marketing. I will bring relevant traffic on the PDPs and keep the listings optimized for conversions to happen.

I can be reached out through my LinkedIn profile. Please do provide your amazon brand name and brand store link. Also briefly explain the solution you’re seeking.

No, I do not help with any seeding activity or fake review management on amazon.

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